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Zaagsma G.  2017.  Jewish Volunteers, the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War. PDF icon Jewish volunteers - Introduction (425.61 KB)
Zaagsma G.  9996.  Hybrid approaches to historical research: analysing the Anne Frank diaries with digital tools.
Zaagsma G.  2011.  Review of Berg, Hetty, Wallet, Bart (eds.), Wie niet weg is, is gezien. Joods Nederland na 1945 (Zwolle: Waanders, Amsterdam: Joods Historisch Museum, 2010). BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review. 126(3):146-148.PDF icon Download (52.71 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2008.  Jewish-born volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. PhD-project. The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online. XIV/21:39-42.
Zaagsma G.  2013.  Tagungsbericht jüdische Geschichte digital, 13.06.2013-14.06.2013, Hamburg. H-Soz-u-Kult. PDF icon Tagungsbericht jüdische Geschichte digital (103.53 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2010.  Transnational networks of Jewish migrant radicals - The case of Berlin. Transit und Transformation: Osteuropäisch-Jüdische Migranten in Berlin 1918-1939. :218-233.PDF icon Download (2.91 MB)
Zaagsma G.  2002.  Joodse vrijwilligers in de Spaanse Burgeroorlog: de Botwin compagnie. Groniek. 36/158-159:183-197.PDF icon Download (4.77 MB)
Zaagsma G.  Submitted.  The ‘Jewish Freedom Fighter’. The legacy of Naftali Botwin and the construction of a transnational cult of Jewish heroes. Cult of Heroes in Central Europe from the 1880s to the Second World War – Transnational and Transdisciplinary Aspects.
Zaagsma G.  In Press.  Help, betrayal and the importance of networks – Jews in hiding in the Netherlands and the case of Anne Frank.
Zaagsma G.  2008.  Review of Thomas Rütten, Geschichten vom Hippokratischen Eid(Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2007) [CD-ROM Herzog August Bibliothek Wolffenbüttel]. Studium. 1:301-302.PDF icon Download (89.79 KB)
Zaagsma G.  1998.  De klezmorim van Praag. Over een joods muzikantengilde. Groniek. 32/143:223-230.PDF icon Download (2.21 MB)
Zaagsma G.  9996.  The Yiddish press as a source in historical research.
Zaagsma G, Wieneke L.  2018.  Digital Resources and Tools in Historical Research. Picture archives and the emergence of visual history of education. ISCHE 40 pre-conference workshop. 3rd workshop "Pictura Paedagogica Online: educational knowledge in images".
Zaagsma G.  2011.  Public History oltre lo Stato: presentare il passato Yiddish nell’Europa contemporanea. Memoria e Ricerca. 37:129-142.PDF icon Download Italian version (480.68 KB)PDF icon Download English version (311.44 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2003.  'Red Devils': The Botwin company in the Spanish Civil War. East European Jewish Affairs. 33:83-99.PDF icon Download (1.05 MB)
Zaagsma G.  2012.  Propaganda or fighting the myth of pakhdones? Naye Prese, the Popular Front, and the Spanish Civil War Choosing Yiddish: New Frontiers of Language and Culture. :87-103.PDF icon Download (9.65 MB)
Zaagsma G.  9996.  Wartime Yiddish diaries and their postwar trajectories.
Zaagsma G.  2008.  "A fresh outburst of the old terror"? : Jewish-born volunteers in the Spanish Civil War PhD:355p..
Zaagsma G.  2000.  The klezmorim of Prague. About a Jewish musicians guild. East European Meetings in Ethnomusicology. 7:41-48.PDF icon Download (107.75 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2013.  On Digital History. BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review. 128(4):3-29.PDF icon On Digital History (346.34 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2018.  #DHJewish – Jewish Studies in the digital age . Medaon - Magazin für jüdisches Leben in Forschung und Bildung. 23PDF icon medaon_23_zaagsma.pdf (197.33 KB)
Zaagsma G.  2011.  Die Botwin Kompagnie. Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur. :392-397.
Zaagsma G.  2005.  La NAÏE PRESSE pendant les années 30. Presse Nouvelle Magazine. 24/228:4-5.PDF icon Download (1.34 MB)