Yiddish Periodicals in Germany - Dataset

I published version 1 of a dataset of known historical Yiddish newspapers and periodicals published in Germany, on Github and Zenodo. The list is based upon cataloguing and holding information from the libraries and book (listed in the readme file of the Github repository). The list is provided as an Excel sheet and is a work in progress.

Currently the list contains 227 items, 21 of which are available in digitised form. URLs for the digitised periodicals are provided; the list also provides holding locations for the other periodicals but no direct links to their online catalog records.

Any comments and additions are most welcome.

New book:  Jewish Studies in the Digital Age

I am delighted to announce that our new book Jewish Studies in the Digital Age is out now, in open access. This new volume was edited by Michelle Margolis, Amalia S. Levi, Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra, Miriam Rürup and Gerben Zaagsma. 

Jewish Studies in the Digital Age contains an elaborate introduction that discusses the intersection of Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities within its broader historical context. In four different sections (Collections, Spatiality, Text and Computational) 16 chapters subsequently analyse a broad range of topical, methological and epistemological issues. 

It is the fifth volume to appear in the book series Studies in Digital History and Hermeneutics, published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg and edited by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) 


Here is the book's abstract: 

New website #DHJewish - Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities

I am very happy to announce the launch of the new website #DHJewish - Jewish Studies and Digital Humanitiesdhjewish.org

The #DHJewish website offers a single access point to news, events and projects on the intersection of Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities. It also provides an online community (powered by the open-source team collaboration tool Zulip) as well as a dedicated Zotero group library. Furthermore, we are building a directory of people.

Handbook of Digital Public History

After several years in the making, I am happy to announce the publication of the Handbook of Digital Public History with De Gruyter Oldenbourg, edited by Serge Noiret, Mark Tebeau and myself.

cover of Handbook of Digital Public History

About the book

This handbook provides a systematic overview of the present state of international research in digital public history. Individual studies by internationally renowned public historians, digital humanists, and digital historians elucidate central issues in the field and present a critical account of the major public history accomplishments, research activities, and practices with the public and of their digital context. The handbook applies an international and comparative approach, looks at the historical development of the field, focuses on technical background and the use of specific digital media and tools. Furthermore, the handbook analyzes connections with local communities and different publics worldwide when engaging in digital activities with the past, indicating directions for future research, and teaching activities.

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