Yiddish heritage online

Since 2005 I maintain a website called Yiddish Sources which is a portal for anyone who is interested in Yiddish and Yiddish Studies. 

One of the side effects of maintaining this website is that it gives an insight into how the web is used, or can be used, to promote and share historical and cultural heritage online. I have previously explored some of the ways in which (European) Jewish history fares online 1 2. The coming year I will begin new work on Yiddish heritage online specifically and hope to present the results in a digital humanities session at the World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem in the summer of 2013. 

If you have a project to share, and it's not listed on the Yiddish Sources website, do let me know. I will add it and it will help me to better understand recent developments too. 



  • 1. 'Internet resources for historical research: Jewish content in a broader context', Judaica Europeana Digital Humanities Workshop, 11 October 2011, British Library (London). See here and here.
  • 2. 'Contemporary European Jewish history on the internet', in: Frédéric Clavert ed., Contemporary history in the digital age (Bruxelles, PIE Peter Lang, in press). See also here.

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