New article out in L'histoire contemporaine à l'ère numérique/ Contemporary History in the Digital Age

A new book entitled L'histoire contemporaine à l'ère numérique/ Contemporary History in the Digital Age was published with Peter Lang recently. It contains articles from the Digital Humanities Luxembourg (DHLU) 2009 and 2012 conferences (see also this call for papers for the upcoming december 2013 conference on the theme of Reading historical sources in the digital age).

My article Using Digital Sources in Historical Research. Jewish History on the Internet was based on a paper for the 2009 conference and is thus rather outdated, a good illustration of how fast digital developments are going in both history and Jewish Studies. Nevertheless it might be a useful snapshot for those in Jewish history with a digital interest or those simply wanting to know more about online resources in Jewish history.


The blurb:

Digital practices in the field of history have become more and more widespread in recent decades, but contemporary historians have often tended to remain on the sidelines of this trend. This book, which covers a wide range of digital practices, tools and methods, will serve both
as a solid grounding for historians keen to learn how information technology can be applied to contemporary history, and as a useful tool for researchers and lecturers who already have a degree of experience in this area. It will enable scholars to compare and further their practices in the area of digital humanities, providing a comprehensive vision of the emerging field of digital history.


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